Revised CAD Strategic Plan Draft 2015-2025

Hello CAD Community,

CAD is in the process of revising it’s current strategic plan. The revised plan spans 10 years and is entitled Roadmap to Excellence: CAD Strategic Plan 2015-2025. The revisions to plan focus on ensuring that it is aligned with the University’s 10 year (2015-2015) plan “Greatness Through Difference”.

A few weeks ago a clipboard survey was sent out to all faculty and staff. Unfortunately, the response was quite low. Before moving ahead with the revision the CAD Strategic Plan Steering committee would like to make sure that we have input from all who would like to share with us.

The proposed revised plan can be found here: CAD Strategic Plan – revised Spring 2016

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Twyla Cummings at

Thank you!




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