School of Film and Animation Student Handbook

For manageability, this School of Film and Animation (SOFA) Student Handbook is broken into sections and, for concision, information is generally only listed once even though it may relate to multiple sections. Therefore, incoming students are expected to fully read this page, Administration & Academics, Production & Exhibition, and the section covering their degree (i.e., MFA, BFA, and BS). The Thesis section should be read in full by the winter intersession in the year prior to the final, thesis year. Aside for sections relating to a specific degree, unless otherwise noted, all information applies to all students.

Since SOFA continually evolves, the current version of this handbook should be consulted before taking action based on SOFA policy.

Official Policies

The information on these SOFA pages is “unofficial” in the sense that, where it might conflict, it is superseded by official college and university policies. Students should familiarize themselves with the College of Art and Design (CAD) student polices and guidelines, and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) student rights and responsibilities and Student Policy Library, which include additional information on an array of important topics such as the Dean’s List and academic probation.


Students are referred to various individuals by job title in this handbook. The current names of those individuals are below. The full SOFA faculty and staff list can be also found here.


College of Art and Design Student Services

Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services

Handbook Table of Contents

  1. Administration and Academics
  2. Production and Exhibition
  3. Technical Specifications
  4. Screenings Policy
  5. Programs
  6. Thesis (MFA)
  7. Capstone (BFA/BS)