Hardware and Software Recommendations

Students in the College of Art and Design will be entering career fields where digital imaging technology is central. Below you will find recommended (optional) equipment that students will need to consider purchasing to be fully prepared for your work at RIT.


Several Schools/programs have provided specific supply lists (links immediately below). If you don’t find your program listed, please look below for some recommendations that can help guide your hardware/software purchases for Fall.  (UPDATED LINKS FOR 2024 COMING SOON)

EQUIPMENT GUIDE – General Supply List for College of Art and Design Students (Applies to multiple majors!)
EQUIPMENT GUIDE – School of Design – 3D Digital Design (SOD)
EQUIPMENT GUIDE – School of Design – Graphic Design (SOD)
EQUIPMENT GUIDE – School of Design – Interior Design (SOD)
EQUIPMENT GUIDE – School of Design – New Media Design (SOD)
EQUIPMENT GUIDE – School of Film and Animation (SOFA)
EQUIPMENT GUIDE – School of Photographic Arts and Sciences (SPAS)

As an RIT student, you are eligible for academic discounts on most computer hardware and software that you will need. We recommend shopping at RIT’s Digital Den as well as online and at your local retailers to get the best prices. Please note, many education discounts require some proof of enrollment or student ID.


General Supplies

The following supplies are needed for many classes:

  • A portable hard drive and at least two “thumb” drives (Flash media drives) (see recommendations below).
  • Notebooks and 3-ring binders for notes and materials.

Please Note: In addition to these supplies, there will be additional books and supplies required each semester by individual instructors for specific classes.
These additional costs may add up to $300.00 or more per semester.