Gitner Family Prize

The Gitner Family Prize for Outstanding Professional Achievement in Graphic Communications is awarded annually to a tenured or tenure-track College of Art and Design (CAD) faculty member in an area related to graphic communication, (e.g., photography, film and animation, design, printing, illustration), who has been judged to have made an outstanding contribution to his or her profession.

Guidelines, Nomination and Selection of Award Recipient

To be eligible for the Gitner Prize, a faculty member must:

  1. Have above average teaching evaluations for the period December 1st of the previous academic year through November 30th of the current academic year.
  2. Have an acknowledged outstanding contribution in at least one of the following:a. Artistic achievement at the national or international level
    b. Pro bono contribution of outstanding professional work for a communityorganization
    c. Highly regarded publication
    d. Significant technical or scientific achievement
    e. Paradigm shifting commercial work that has moved the field forward
    f. Service to professional organization at the national or international level

The nomination process is as follows:

  1. Candidates for the Gitner Prize must be nominated by a fellow faculty or staff member by March 15th. Nominations should be delivered to the dean’s office. A selected faculty member may not receive the award more than twice during a rolling five year period.
  2. Nominated faculty members will be notified by March 30th. Those wishing to be considered for the Gitner Prize must submit a proposal seeking the award for work done during the previous academic calendar year. The proposal must include a statement of the professional achievement to be considered and supporting documentation from recognized authorities in graphic communication. The faculty member’s chairperson must verify that teaching evaluations have been above average or better.
  3. Proposals must be submitted to the dean’s office by April 15th.

The selection committee for the Gitner Prize consists of the current CAD Awards Committee. Presentation of the Award

This recognition carries a cash award and the recipient is recognized at the CAD Commencement Ceremony.

For questions contact:

Grace L. Gladney-Fulton
Senior Staff Assistant
CAD Dean’s Office
(585) 475-2733