Grades, GPA, Probation and Suspension

For a definition of what grades represent, information about grade exclusion and course withdrawals please refer to these policies:



Academic Actions and Recognitions are based on your GPA

1) Dean’s List – full-time undergraduate students who meet the criteria in Policy D05.1 will be awarded Dean’s List. Those students will receive a letter at their home address from the dean confirming this academic recognition.

2) Probation/Suspension – undergraduate and graduate students must maintain a minimum GPA outlined in Policy D05.0 in order to remain in good academic standing. Should you not meet this standard, you will receive a letter from your academic advisor. In this letter, you will be provided details about steps you can take to amend or appeal the situation.

3) Graduation with Honors – Degree honors are applicable to undergraduate students only.  Honors posted to the academic record will be based upon the student’s cumulative grade point average upon completion of the degree requirements. The registrar will post honors to the student’s academic record and they will be reflected on the official transcript. The numerical criteria for graduation with honors are as follows.

  • summa cum laude – 3.80 cumulative GPA
  • magna cum laude – 3.60 cumulative GPA
  • cum laude – 3.40 cumulative GPA

 4) Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award – The Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award has been established to recognize excellence in academic achievement by students. Those selected to receive the award are designated RIT Scholars in perpetuity. Further details are in the policy link above.