EQUIPMENT GUIDE – School of Design – Interior Design

School of Design – Interior Design
2024 Freshman Equipment Guide

Congratulations and Welcome to Interior Design at RIT!

Below are the supplies, software, and equipment that will help you prepare for your studies in the program!


A personal computer (PC) will allow you to complete much of the necessary studio course work at home, the library, or around campus with classmates. A gaming, high-performance PC laptop is recommended for portability and compatibility with software used in the profession. Below are recommendations for purchasing a computer:

  • A 15″ to 17″ inch, gaming/performance level PC laptop
  • 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 11
  • A graphics card with the latest available drivers installed, and at least 12 GB of dedicated Video-Access Random Memory (VRAM), or a benchmark score of 15,000 or higher. Intel ARC graphic cards are not officially supported by some software.
  • Highest CPU GHz recommended
  • DirectX 11 or DirectX 12: Latest drivers OR Vulkan: AMD (21.11.3+) and NVIDIA (496.76+)
  • 64-GB RAM, 15,000+ RPM, High-Speed RAID Array
  • 30 GB of free disk space
  • Wireless MS-Mouse or 3Dconnexion compliant device
  • Stylus digital pen
  • An inexpensive 27 inch or larger monitor for your dorm room will greatly increase productivity

Consider technology advancements. Due to the increases in computer speed and software requirements it may be desirable to upgrade the memory and graphic cards prior to your junior or senior years. We recommend purchasing the best laptop computer available today and plan to keep it for all 4 years.

We DO NOT recommend purchasing an Apple computer as there are significant software compatibility issues. If you already own an Apple computer from high school, it will serve you well as a supplemental computer for note taking, personal time management, and digital sketching.

Digital Storage Devices

Remotely accessible server storage is available for temporarily moving files through the RIT network. USB “Thumb” drives should be used to meet your basic storage needs and are highly recommended for data transfer. Currently, the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive also offer online storage options for students.

  • USB Flash (Thumb) Drives. Purchase a 1TB thumb drive to store projects and rendering files. A second, smaller 128-500GB flash drive is encouraged for storing or transporting work for lectures and other courses.


Our computer lab workstations have a wide array of software applications that you will use for your coursework at RIT. The labs have extended hours, and the software is free for students to use. For your personal computer:

Smart Phone or Tablet Device

Currently one of the major design and interactive trends is in portable devices, you may want to consider an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet for general use. Again, an old laptop or iPad from high school is great for this purpose. Look for student discounts, software and free apps, for example:


Due to the advancements in mobile phone cameras and VR, a high-end mobile phone will meet the needs for most interior design courses. In addition, there are photo services and the CAD photo cage will allow students to check-out certain cameras and equipment.

Design Boards

Students should anticipate professional printing expenses for design boards in their interior design studio courses every semester. These out-of-pocket expenses will range from $100- $150 per semester. The syllabus and course outline for your individual courses will clarify printing requirements.

Model Making Supplies

Interior design courses include model making with hand crafted, 3D printing, and laser printing techniques. Expenses for these supplies range in price depending on the model. There are on campus 3D and laser cutting print shops with supplies for purchase. The syllabus and course outline for your individual courses will clarify model making requirements.

Note about Technology Purchasing

RIT’s Digital Den offers special pricing as well as manufacturers discounted offers on computers and software packages: Great discounts are frequently available closer to Fall semester.  


If you have any questions on the supplies listed above, please contact Mary Golden, Undergraduate Program Director,

We are excited to meet you this fall and are happy to help as needed this summer!