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**NEW INFORMATION Regarding Tuition Insurance and Property Insurance**

Tuition Insurance

Evaluate your need for tuition refund insurance in case of an unexpected withdrawal from classes due to an illness or accident. Learn more at or by calling 1.866.724.4384.

Property Insurance Flyer PDF

Students using RIT-owned or their own equipment while away at college  should strongly consider purchasing property insurance.  While many people assume their home owner’s policy will cover loss, theft, damage or other costs for school equipment, this is not always the case.  College of Art and Design families may want to consider this low cost insurance policy option made available through RIT.  Students (especially those in photo and film programs) can potentially be checking out equipment valued at over $10,000 and are responsible for replacement costs, in the case of loss, theft, damage. This is the same insurance plan many of our faculty use. Please note: Students traveling abroad with RIT equipment are required to show proof of insurance before checking out equipment.