Faculty and Staff: Career Focus/Success

Faculty and Staff: Career Focus/Success – Plan Outline for AY 2013-2014


The CAD mission and vision promotes an academic environment of creativity and technology convergence while inspiring, innovating, and educating in fields where this convergence occurs. Core to the achievement of this vision and mission is a strong team of faculty and staff who are world class scholars and creative practitioners.


Goal 1 Faculty and Staff – CAD will have high quality faculty and staff to provide curriculum instruction and administrative support relative to the mission and vision of the College.

Action B1.2 & Action B1.4

Revisit faculty and staff hiring processes. This process should include assessing the needs in each academic unit and department.  Increase ethnic and gender diversity among CAD faculty and staff.

 Action B1.3

Create and maintain a list of current and potential adjunct faculty to support curricular needs that cannot be covered by full-time faculty.


Goal 2 Professional Development and Training – CAD will maintain fairness and equality, encourage professional development, promote life-long learning and recognize the contributions and accomplishments of all faculty and staff.

Action B2.1

CAD leadership will work with HR to eliminate inequities in faculty and staff workloads and salaries and ensure salaries are competitive with other RIT colleges and other universities.

Action B2.2

Ensure that faculty lines are allocated and reallocated based on the needs of the College.  

Action B2.3

Develop formal position descriptions for administrative chairs, program chairs and graduate directors to include term limits and succession planning. Develop formal position descriptions for Staff Assistants.

Action B2.4 & Action B2.5

Provide leadership and supervisory training for administrative chairs, program chairs and graduate directors. Promote/offer professional development opportunities and training for all faculty and staff. Annual funding needs to be allocated for this training to ensure that everyone has opportunities for participation.  

Goal 3 Recognition of Accomplishments – CAD will focus on increasing visibility of the work and accomplishments of faculty, staff and students to RIT, the Rochester community, nationally and globally, as a means to improve collaboration, exposure, promotion and recognition.

Action B3.1

Institute a formal process to recognize the accomplishments of CAD schools, departments and individual faculty, staff and students.

 Action B3.3

Establish a CAD Dean’s Advisory Board to provide guidance on current challenges and the future direction of the College. This Advisory Board could consist of alumni, community leaders, donors, etc. and would meet at least twice per year at RIT.


Goal 4 Transparency and Collegiality – The CAD Administration and Leadership team will be transparent with information flow, promote collegiality and be inclusive with faculty and staff.

Action B4.1

CAD will hold at least two all-College meetings during each academic year. These meetings will allow for information sharing and discussion of specific issues.

Action B4.2

Establish and implement CAD staff and faculty awards and selection process.

Action B4.3

CAD will host an all-College retreat twice each year. These retreats will be working sessions to engage faculty and staff in strategic planning and implementation.

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