File Services

CADTech provides reliable and fast online storage for academic use at the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences. “” is the one location you’ll need to remember for the services below.

For more information on how to connect to these shares please see the File Services FAQ.

My Shares
The ‘my_shares’ share is where you can find files that you are sharing with other people and groups.

My Files
Ask CADTech for more information on how to get your own private file share.

To ease the moving of files from one computer to another, users can upload their files to the Transfer folder and quickly access them at another station. All of the files in this folder are wiped every day at 4:00am, so be sure to back up your files!

Students rendering their projects can send the output to the Rendershare for storage. In the unfortunate event something happens to the computer the student is using to render, the files can be safely stored here and will not be lost.

The Rendershare is not backed up and should not be used to hold your only copy of your important files. Always back up your files to an external hard drive or other media!


The Help share contains a great variety of manuals and other support documentation on applications from Adobe, Maya, Autodesk, and many more.

Instructors can utilize the Courses share as storage for course materials. Access to shares is based on information from SIS, so only the instructor and students of a class can access that course’s folder. A typical course share setup includes:

top-level: The top-level folder (usually named after the course number itself) with dropbox and public folders underneath. An instructor can upload files to this folder, and students are only able to read these files.

upload: The upload folder in a course share is used for students to upload assignments for the instructor, and students cannot read other students’ files.

public: The public folder in a course share can be used freely by anyone in the class to upload and download files.

A course share and all of its files will be deleted five weeks into the following quarter.

Custom Storage Solutions
CADTech also provides file storage for other cases such as student group projects. If you are interested in obtaining space, please file a request at the Request Portal, and we will work with you to meet your needs.