Software Updates

October 2, 2012

Extensis Suitcase v. 3.3 has been deployed to labs and faculty laptops.

    Faculty will need to run the Managed Software Update application to install the update.

Start of new school Year 2012-2013

Please refer to the front page article listing any changes for the start of the school year.

April 30, 2012 (At night)

Adobe Camera Raw v. 6.7 RC 1 deployed to labs only

    By request, the release candiate of Camera Raw has been deployed to the labs to resolve an issue found in Lightroom.

Microsoft Office 2011 v. 14.2.1 deployed to labs only

    14.2.1 patch was deployed to bring the Office suite into compliance with the ISO standard. It also resolved a PowerPoint playback issue.

March 23, 2012

Adobe Lightroom v. 3.6

    Issue found when deploying LR v. 4 that removed v. 3.6 from all computers. Issue has been fixed and 3.6 is being redeployed.

March 22, 2012

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v. 4

    Upgraded to 4.0 on all Mac OS systems

March 20, 2012

Identity Finder

    Deploying only to Faculty and Staff systems to meet ISO security standard

20113 Spring Quarter Updates

Adobe Master Collection 5.5

    Applied all the current updates to the Master Collection Suite. This also includes Acrobat security patches

Mac OS X Lion

    Pilot phase has started for OS X Lion. The following labs will be reimaged during the break. Barschel, New Media Lab, and a couple of computers in ESP.

Maxon Cinema R13

    Updating to the latest version of Cinema R13.

February 15, 2012

iWork ’09 AELP

    iWork is now available to Mac users via the FileWave Kiosk menu item. Please look in your menu bar for a “Red” flag icon. Click on this and choose install software.

    January 12, 2012

    Blender v. 2.61

      Blender v. 2.61 64 BIT will be installed on all Lab Mac computers. Faculty and Staff will be able to opt in via the FileWave Kiosk interface.

    FileWave Client 5.5.1

      Client updated on all managed computers. Brings some new interesting features for Faculty and Staff via a Kiosk interface.

    20112 Winter Quarter Updates

    Adobe Flash Player for Mac

      v. updated everywhere

    Avid Media Composer

      Updated to v. 5.5.3 in A080(POST)

    Corel Painter

      v. 12 will be installed over break week

    Dragon Frame

      v. 3.0 for the Stop Motion Photography program in the SMP lab only

    Final Cut Pro

      FCP X v. 10.0.2 will be added to all lab computers that currently have FCP Studio. Please look for it in the Applications folder under “Final Cut X”. Please note, FCP Studio will remain.


      All browsers will be upgraded to v. 8.0

    Maxon Cinema

      R13 is scheduled to be installed for start of Winter Quarter. We are still currently waiting for media. Until we get the media, count on R12 being installed.


      Version 4R2 will be installed over break after grades are due.

    Maya FBX Plugin

      The latest version of the FBX plugins for Maya 2012 x64 will be installed on all Windows lab computers over break.

    Vue 9.5 xStream

      Some windows lab computers will be upgraded to version 9.5 from version 8 of Vue xStream

    Bunkspeed Pro

      Bunkspeed Hypershot and Hypermove, replaced by Shot and Move, will be upgraded to Bunkspeed Pro Suite over break. Bunkspeed Pro combines Shot, Move, and other tools into one package.