Printing FAQ

What is PaperCut?

PaperCut is a piece of software that allows CAD to track and control the amount of printing done by students, faculty, and staff. It is also a cost tracking software that allows for a eckarge per print for departments within our college that offer services to students, faculty, and staff like Professional Ink Jet or Color Laser printers.

Why do I have an account?

Every user that logs into one of CAD’s lab computers automatically gets a PaperCut account created and tied to their RIT computer account. This account allows you to get information from the PaperCut server when there is a job problem, or if a certain job costs money to print.

To view what you have printed, please visit the following website:

Why do I only have $0.01?

If your account balance shows a balance of $0.01 that is because the system only allows users with a positive balance on their account to print. This is also the case for free prints. So, to get around this limitation, each account is automatically assigned $0.01 when the account is created.

Do I need to put money on my account?

If you are a photography student or want to print out on a ink jet printer or any other type of printer that requires prepayment in CAD, you will have to put enough money on your account to cover the cost of the print. To do this, please visit the third floor cage, and ask the cager to put the requested amount of money on your account. You will need RIT Tiger Bucks to pay for the requested amount.

There is now a new link from the Checkout Portal that will allow you to put money on your Print Account (PaperCut) with your Visa or Mastercard. Simply go to the checkout portal link, noted above, click on MyPapercut then click on ADD MONEY. Simply follow the prompts from there.

Funds that are added to your account become available immediately. There is no need to log off and back in if you are currently logged into a lab machine.