Student Services A-Z


CAD Student Services from A through Z (for undergrads)


    • Pre-certification Audit
      • A complete audit that identifies the remaining courses needed to fulfill graduation requirements.
      • You will receive an email invitation to apply for graduation through SIS. Please do so ASAP.
      • Audits are completed in the order we receive the online submission of your Application for Graduation.
      • You will receive an email that will list your remaining degree requirements.
    • Final Certification
      • You must apply to graduate.  You will receive an email invitation to apply through SIS.
      • Your records will be reviewed at the end of the term in which you indicated on your Application for Graduation.
      • If you have met all the requirements for graduation, your degree will be certified.
      • If you have notmet all the requirements for graduation, you will receive a letter (sent to your home address) listing the remaining requirements and your expected graduation will be rolled to the next term.

Be Responsible

    • Academic Requirements “AAR” on SIS. Use it to stay on track and to be aware of your degree requirements.
    • Keep an up-to-date planning sheet and save copies of any paperwork you receive in your silver orientation folder.
    • Post your grades on your Planning Sheet from your grade report on SIS every term.
    • Be aware of deadlines (ex. Last day to Add/Drop or Last day to withdraw from a course).
    • Follow paperwork through the signature process yourself. Do nottrust someone else to be responsible for your paperwork.
    • Meet with your advisor regularlyto stay on track.
    • Use the planning sheet that CAD Student Services gives you in Fall Semester.  It is essential that you follow the program for the year that you started in.  If you misplace your planning sheet, ask the Student Services Office for another copy.

Contacts        Financial Aid                                                  Samantha Perez               585-475-2186

Disability, Honors, Study Abroad               Debbie Kingsbury           585-475-5154

General Education Pre-Approvals               Tammi Wickson              585-475-5267


          Career Services and Co-op    3D Digital Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Medical Illustration, New Media Design, and Visual Communication Design    Gretchen Eshleman             585-475-5462

All other CAD majors                             Mindy Blake                  585-475-5467

Don’t forget to meet with your academic advisor periodically (prior to registration dates).

Early Alert System -Your professor may send you an Academic Alert notice/email regarding your academic performance. Don’t Ignore!

Forms…located on the Office of the Registrar website:

    • Change of Program/Plan Form– to change academic programs *Signatures needed of both new and former program directors*
    • Double Major Authorization– to officially declare or remove a double major.
    • Dual Degree Authorization– to officially declare or remove a dual degree.
    • Minor Authorization/Change Form– required if you choose to ADD ORDROP a minor.  You must meet with the specified minor advisor.  A list of minors can be found at

 Other forms…located on the CAD Student Services Website:

    • FERPA Consent Form– a form you submit to grant permission to release your educational records (i.e. parents or potential employers)
    • Independent Study Form– a proposal must be prepared and approved by your instructor & program director. *Must be submitted before the end of add/drop week. No late submissions will be accepted.
    • Prior Approvalbefore taking classes at another school, be sure that they will transfer to RIT.
    • For Department course prior approval, contact your program director
    • For Minor course prior approval, contact the minor advisor
    • For Perspective/Gen Ed course prior approval go to Liberal Arts Student Services Office or email Tammi Wickson at  Include course name, number, description and name of university.

Grades:  You can view your up-to-date grades on SIS. (Student Information System).  Use this to fill in your planning sheet every term.

Have an email address other than your RIT email address?  Please have your RIT email address forwarded to your other account so that we can get messages to you in a timely manner.  The ITS Help Desk can help (Gannett Hall 7B-1113, 475-HELP).  Remember to check your email regularly.

Information System: SIS Student Information System (login and password required)

    • View up-to-date course offerings (open/closed), Enroll in classes, View a listing of completed courses and grades, Layout your schedule, Update address/personal information, Track your GPA, View final exam schedule, Request official transcripts, etc.
    • You can also view/print a list of all the courses you have taken…Unofficial Transcript option (drop down menu) in SIS.

Just ask!! Your dean, program director, faculty advisor and academic advisor are all here to support you. Email/meet with them.

Know your UID number, Program, Program Code, and Sub-Plan …they are needed for every form you complete.

Liberal Arts (Gen Ed): Student Services Office, Liberal Arts Hall, 2ndfloor, (585) 475-2444,

Make plans for your test scores (AP, IB, or CLEP) and/or transfer credit to be sent to the Office of the Registrar. Contact the other school and request that your official transcript to be sent to RIT.  You will see it in SIS once it has been evaluated by Liberal Arts and your department head.

Need to withdraw from a course?  Do so online on SIS before the end of Week #11.

Our office is here to help you. We can direct you to campus resources and guide you through your academic career.

Planning SheetsKeep your Planning Sheet up-to-date and bring it with you when you visit Student Services. Use it with theAcademic Requirements “AAR” on SIS. Both tools will help you stay on track and be aware of your degree requirements.

Quench your thirst for knowledge.  RIT has so much to offer, take advantage of all of the opportunities you have while you are here!

Registering for classes: know when to enroll by knowing your enrollment day and time on SIS and resolve any holds on your record before your enrollment appointment (otherwise they will delay your enrollment.)

Be sure to place your course selections (and back-up courses) in your shopping cart and validate the courses regularly.

 Semesters… The Academic School Year is 2018-2019

Fall Semester:2181         Spring Semester:2185      Summer Session:2188

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…You will receive notice from Student Services via your RIT Email Account.

    • Dean’s List: GPA 3.4 or higher
    • Academic Probation: 2.0 > GPA > 1.0
    • Academic Suspension:  Contact us ASAP.

Update your Addresses (Home, Local, and Diploma) in SIS.  Correspondence that we send out will go to these addresses.

Visit us.  We’re open from 8:30-4:30 Monday thru Friday in Gannett Hall, room 1075.  Or call us at (585) 475-6045.

Wellness Requirement:2differentPhysical Education Activities are Graduation Requirements.

See the 2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin at for more information.

X marks the spot.  Get everything in writing.  If you make a special agreement with your advisor, faculty member, or program director, it needs to be in your file in Student Services.  [The courses that appear on your planning sheet are required for your degree.  Any course substitutions or changes must be pre-approved by your faculty advisor or program director.  Otherwise, courses taken that do not meet requirements will notcount toward your degree.]

Your Incomplete grade will roll to an “F” if you do not complete the work in the 2 terms following the class.

Zip up!  Rochester winters are cold!!  Contact your professor(s) prior to missing a class. In the event of extreme illness/accident, please contact us so we can send an emergency memo to your professors. It is your responsibility to keep in touch with your professors and make up the work you miss.