The 4th annual CAD Research Exhibition opens soon!

Minding the Gap:

an exhibition on research & creativity in CAD

The University Gallery

Opening Reception  Friday, March 24  from 5:00 until 7:00 PM  

This exhibition is intended to demonstrate how creativity and technology converge to explore areas of inquiry, solve problems and answer research questions across the college. Each of the six schools in CAD is represented by one faculty member, one undergraduate student or class project, and one graduate student.


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New Timeline – SLOA Progress Reports

At our CAD Undergraduate Program Chair meeting on September 6th, Leah Bradley, Assistant Director of Educational Effectiveness Assessment at RIT presented an update on Learning Outcomes Assessment in CAD. Please note that this year’s Progress Report will happen earlier this year. Progress Report #7 kicks off October 3rd and closes December 15th, so keep an eye out for emails from the newly renamed office of Educational Effectiveness Assessment (previously the office of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment). read more

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CAD Study Abroad Proposals – New Summer Options!

August 23, 2016

The CAD Study Abroad committee is now accepting proposals for new or recurring faculty-led study abroad courses that would occur in fall 2017-18 academic year.

If you would like to propose a course, please submit the following materials to the CAD Study Abroad Committee by sending to

Due week 5 of fall semester (Friday, September 23)
o    CAD_Part_One_Study Abroad form
o    CV/Resume
o    Personal Statement (detailing specific professional experiences, connections, and skills that contribute to your suitability to plan and lead the proposed program)
o    Letter of Support (signed by both your program and school administrative chairs) read more

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Revised CAD Strategic Plan Draft 2015-2025

Hello CAD Community,

CAD is in the process of revising it’s current strategic plan. The revised plan spans 10 years and is entitled Roadmap to Excellence: CAD Strategic Plan 2015-2025. The revisions to plan focus on ensuring that it is aligned with the University’s 10 year (2015-2015) plan “Greatness Through Difference”.

A few weeks ago a clipboard survey was sent out to all faculty and staff. Unfortunately, the response was quite low. Before moving ahead with the revision the CAD Strategic Plan Steering committee would like to make sure that we have input from all who would like to share with us. read more

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CAD First Year/Foundations – update from Graham Carson

An update on  the First Year and Foundations experience for CAD from FY Coordinator, Graham Carson:

Dear Colleagues,

Since assuming this role, in addition to scheduling foundations courses and securing adjunct faculty, I have been focusing on soliciting input from faculty members from the various departments including those teaching Foundations courses.  If I have not spoken to you yet, fear not, your voice is valuable and your input will be asked for and received!

Here are some things/ideas that we are working with divided into Communication, Curriculum and Community.

Communication: Across the board and up and down the ladder.  Sharing of ideas and knowledge of what is happening will benefit all. read more

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Faculty-Led Study Abroad in College of Art and Design

Information about Faculty-Led Study Abroad and other International opportunities for College of Art and Design faculty can be found by downloading the presentation below:

International Opportunities for College of Art and Design Faculty

January 11, 2016

The College of Art and Design Study Abroad committee is now accepting proposals for new or recurring faculty-led study abroad courses that would occur in spring or summer of the 2016-17 academic year.

If you would like to propose a course, please submit the following materials to the College of Art and Design Study Abroad Committee by sending to read more

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International Opportunities: WHY – WHERE – HOW

Academic Adventures:  International Opportunities for CAD Faculty
Wednesday, October 14th 4:30-6:00PM
University Gallery

Are you interested in leading a study abroad course or conducting research in another country?
Too busy this year, but want to find out about possibilities for future years?
Don’t miss this event!

Refreshments will be provided

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What is Degree Audit ???

Degree Audit is a new advising tool that the RIT Registrar’s Office has developed to track student progress toward degree completion.

This system is designed to replace our old audit approach of checking off classes taken on paper Planning Sheets.

  • Degree Audit is accessible to students, advisors, faculty members, and administrators.
  • Each student’s “worksheet” in Degree Audit is updated with current information each time an audit is requested.
  • Degree Audit will be used to assist with the certification process.
  • Everyone will see the same information, tracked the same way, at the same time!

Students entering RIT in the following academic years will have access to an online degree audit:

  • 2013-2014
  • 2014-2015
  • 2015-2016

Students who entered prior to the 2013-2014 academic year will follow an IAP through to graduation. (SIS will not generate a degree audit for these students) read more

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Faculty-Led Study Abroad in CAD

Castello di Ferrara

Interested in proposing a new Study Abroad experience? There’s a new group in CAD who can help you navigate the process – The CAD Student International Experience committee (SIEC).

Feel free to contact any of the Committee members listed below with your questions and suggestion:

  • Robin Cass (chair) – CAD Assoc. Dean for Undergraduate Studies – study abroad oversight
  • Deb Kingsbury – CAD Assistant Dean – student services aspects of study abroad
  • Jenny Sullivan – Assistant Director of Study Abroad and Fellowships, RIT Global
  • Alex Lobos – Miller Professor for International Education
  • Roberley Bell – CAD representative on the Global Education Taskforce
  • Sarah Thompson – Chair of the CAD Strategic Plan “Global Engagement” team
  • read more

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