Faculty-Led Study Abroad in College of Art and Design

Information about Faculty-Led Study Abroad and other International opportunities for College of Art and Design faculty can be found by downloading the presentation below:

International Opportunities for College of Art and Design Faculty


January 11, 2016

The College of Art and Design Study Abroad committee is now accepting proposals for new or recurring faculty-led study abroad courses that would occur in spring or summer of the 2016-17 academic year.

If you would like to propose a course, please submit the following materials to the College of Art and Design Study Abroad Committee by sending to robin.cass@rit.edu

Due week 5 of Spring Semester (February 26th):
o    CAD_Part_One_Study Abroad form
o    CV/Resume
o    Personal Statement (detailing specific professional experiences, connections, and skills that contribute to your suitability to plan and lead the proposed program)
o    Letter of Support (signed by both your program and school administrative chairs)

Due week 8 of Spring Semester (March 18th):
o    RIT Global Part II form (found at https://www.rit.edu/academicaffairs/global/faculty-led-programs
o    draft course or topic outline
o    draft budget (template will be provided)

Feel free to contact any member of the committee with your questions.
Debbie Kingsbury dlkpgd@rit.edu
Jenny Sullivan jlrsrap@rit.edu
Sarah Thompson setfaa@rit.edu
Alex Lobos  aflfaa@rit.edu
Roberley Bell rabfaa@rit.edu







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