MC Guidelines

The MCs responsibilities should be:

1. Introduce every film to be screened on that day.
2. Fill in by encouraging conversation or commentary about the films, in case of any changes to the schedule or any technical problems.
3. Announce schedule breaks and changes to the audience.
4. Help maintain the screening of films on schedule.

Along with these responsibilities, the following guidelines are recommended:

1. MC should be a current SOFA student or faculty member.
2. MC should be familiar with the schedule of films to be shown that day, prior to the start of the screenings.
3. MC should avoid the use of profanity or bad taste jokes, remembering that the audience can be composed of family members and friends external to the school, including children. They should also limit the use of internal jokes that only a portion of the audience would find funny.
4. MC could also use interesting facts about the production of the film being screened to share with the audience while filling in time.