Community & Culture 2013-14 Plan

Notes from December 17, 2013 meeting


Community and Culture Committee Plan of Work for 2013-14 year.


GOAL 1.  Inclusion

Action E1.1 –  Year 1 – analyze and interpret statistics from Dean’s office

Year 1 – Research the possibility of creating a Community & Culture Webpage linked to the CAD Webpage, build content, design.

GOAL 2.  Social Engagement

Action E2.1 –  Year 1 –  begin to a design with the help of students a digital “passport”  for all of the CAD community to track their engagement in the college community.  We will look into the possibility of scanning an ID (passport) or working with the RIT ID card to be able to record, track, and have a digital footprint of “passport stamps”.  The goal is to have this designing and research phase complete for implementation by Fall 2014.  Also in Year 1 – we will work with Schools to identify and highlight activities for the 2014-15 year to design a calendar for….

Year 2, Enlist each school/ program to host passport events which the CAD community would enjoy participating in,  these could be established events that are highlighted through the passport system to a larger CAD audience.  Years 2- 5 further develop the events or refine the list of events to more specific CAD community wide offerings.

Year 1 – also plan a CAD Mixer for all Faculty, Staff & Students for Fall 2014.

Years 2- 5 explore the possibility of creating Panel Discussions including CAD Faculty, Staff & Students.

Action E2.2  –  Year 1, Creation of a Community and Culture Student Sub-committee. Form a committee of 10-12 students, primarily freshmen and sophomores from across the college.  Gina & Joe will Co-Chair this subcommittee and meet with students regularly.  The full committee will meet with the student subcommittee at least twice this year.

Year 1,  build a video “photobooth”  to have at CAD passport events – a place for students to visually/ audibly share their “stories” or “who they are”.  Have the videos play either on the CAD website and/or create a Youtube channel.

Action E2.3  Year 1 – Creation of a CAD C & C (Community and Culture) Visual Identity.  Work with a 2D Elements course to create a visual identity, or logo recognizable as CAD Community & Culture.   This logo will be used in Years 2-5 to create the passport, posters, patches, stickers, buttons, magnets, decals, rubber stamps, etc.

GOAL 3.  Community Assessment

Action E3.1 – Year 1 – 5,  Create a clipboard survey for all CAD faculty, students, & staff to complete to gauge the perception of the current culture, and analyze the yearly results and changes.

Action E3.2 – No discussion/ plan as of yet

Action E3.3. – No discussion/ plan as of yet

Action E3.4 – No discussion/ plan as of yet

Action E3.5 – No discussion/ plan as of yet

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