What’s New?

The latest and the greatest, that is what is always present here in our cage.  Our latest additions to our inventory are new Phase One cameras, the IQ series, IQ3 180 and the Leaf Credo 50.  And, let’s not forget some still somewhat new, the Leica S2, and the Pentax 645D graciously on loan to us from respective companies.

For studio shooters, we have refitted our Sinar P3 camera that resides in the North light studio with the ability to take a Phase One back.  This now gives you basically a full service digital 4×5, only smaller.  (believe me, this is sweet)

PJ-er’s  Have you had a chance to checkout our new look to the PJ lab? We have made a nice transformation to it so that it is better suited to being the photojournalism meeting place for class and discussions.

And let us not leave out our medical imagers. Our Biomed lab has under gone a make over and is now more efficient and streamlined, and has all new iMac computers for all the creative work that is produced there.