Fourth-floor Studios

Northlight Studio

Our studios are one of the gems here at SPAS. On the fourth floor we have 30 studios, and each one is equipped with strobes, hot lights, scrims, flats and a camera stand.  We have single studios, double studios, and our prize studio, Northlight, so named for the span of windows facing north. Northlight studio is also our largest studio, has a built in cyc and is generously outfitted by Sinar/Bron (when Bron was part of Sinar) with a cumulite, and various other speciality units from this company.  The rest of our studios are all identical, either being a single, or a double and they are painted white, or black and one that is as close to 18% gray as we can get.  If you are an advertising photo major, you are going to become a frequent visitor to the fourth floor studios.