Durst Lambda

Our Durst Lambda 130 PLUS printer produces extremely high-quality output on silver halide photographic print materials. The Lambda  can generate a maximum print size of 40″ wide by 100 feet long. The Lambda uses red, green, and blue lasers,  similar to those used by Lightjet printers.  Images are printed directly from your digital file to produce a  continuous tone print on silver-halide photographic paper. There are several advantages to using lasers as a light source, including higher D-max levels and smoother gradation than non-laser printers.
  • Output on color photographic paper (RA-4)
  • Comparable in price to inkjet output
  • Tightly controlled silver-based process

Lambda Guidelines

Files must be 200ppi at size


400ppi  at size (50% higher cost)

Lambda Surfaces

Fuji Velvet | Fuji Maxima | Kodak Endura Lustre | Kodak Endura Gloss | Fuji Clear | Kodak Transclear | Kodak Premier Matte | Kodak Metallic