What is Degree Audit ???

Degree Audit is a new advising tool that the RIT Registrar’s Office has developed to track student progress toward degree completion.

This system is designed to replace our old audit approach of checking off classes taken on paper Planning Sheets.

  • Degree Audit is accessible to students, advisors, faculty members, and administrators.
  • Each student’s “worksheet” in Degree Audit is updated with current information each time an audit is requested.
  • Degree Audit will be used to assist with the certification process.
  • Everyone will see the same information, tracked the same way, at the same time!

Students entering RIT in the following academic years will have access to an online degree audit:

  • 2013-2014
  • 2014-2015
  • 2015-2016

Students who entered prior to the 2013-2014 academic year will follow an IAP through to graduation. (SIS will not generate a degree audit for these students) read more

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Faculty-Led Study Abroad in CAD

Castello di Ferrara

Interested in proposing a new Study Abroad experience? There’s a new group in CAD who can help you navigate the process – The CAD Student International Experience committee (SIEC).

Feel free to contact any of the Committee members listed below with your questions and suggestion:

  • Robin Cass (chair) – CAD Assoc. Dean for Undergraduate Studies – study abroad oversight
  • Deb Kingsbury – CAD Assistant Dean – student services aspects of study abroad
  • Jenny Sullivan – Assistant Director of Study Abroad and Fellowships, RIT Global
  • Alex Lobos – Miller Professor for International Education
  • Roberley Bell – CAD representative on the Global Education Taskforce
  • Sarah Thompson – Chair of the CAD Strategic Plan “Global Engagement” team
  • read more

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