CADTech Updates to JIRA Service Desk

Hello CAD Students, Faculty and Staff

During the Christmas break CAD Tech has been busy upgrading our online support ticketing system to a new platform.
This new platform offers us a variety of new and sleek features to better serve the CAD community.

  • Online knowledge base. We will be building out the knowledge base with howto and troubleshooting tips and tricks
  • Better email responses and tracking. The new emails look great and filled with great information
  • Easy to use. This new system is a joy to use!

The old URL you have been using for years still works.

We have also created a new easy to remember URL:

Once you log into the new system you will be presented with this great interface to either searcg for a solution to your problem, or select a category and get help that way. This software will try to match up your request to documents in our Knowledge base that may help you solve the problem without having to wait for us! read more

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Scholarship, Creativity and Research Strategic Plan Implementation: May 2014 Update

Scholarship, Creativity & Research

CAD Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

May, 2014 Update

Discussions in April and May meetings centered on the following key categories:

 I. Grant Writing Support

 II. Specifically student-focused initiatives

 III. Communication / optimization of existing and established activities

 IV. Other germane areas

I. Grant Writing Support:

It is believed that the Institute-wide grant writing support is focused more on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and less on the humanities. As such, CAD should take a leadership role in proactively promoting and supporting grant writing in the humanities area. Specific action items here include: read more

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SCR Strategic Plan Implementation 11/13 Notes Update

The Scholarship, Creativity and Research Strategic Dimension from the CAD Strategic Plan is reproduced below, followed by ideas and actions from the initial meetings of the Committee


Scholarship, creativity and research are pivotal components for faculty, students and staff in our College. CAD’s strategic plan looks to the following goals as defined in RIT’s Strategic Plan:

  • Achieve 100% student participation in innovation, creativity, and scholarship activities
  • Increase sponsored research awards
  • Achieve 100% faculty participation in research

Goal 1 Support

All CAD faculty will have support in their development, implementation and dissemination of scholarship, creativity and research. read more

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How important is your data to you?


It’s that time of year, you’ve been working on your homework and project diligently all semester long and saving all your work to your USB thumb drive that you never let out of your site.
You may even sleep with it. You know that it is THAT important!

But disaster is right around the corner!

You never know where it will happen or when it when it will strike.

Backup your data! In at least three places! On a USB, in the “Cloud’ Dropbox, Google Drive etc..

Here’s a story about how Pixar almost lost Toy Story 2 almost got completely deleted. read more

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