Reservation Rooms/Facilities for Events

To reserve a space for an event visit

Room reservations are processed through EMS, the new RIT Event Management System that is a centralized system for requesting space on campus. You will no longer need to wonder who to contact when you want to reserve a space for your next meeting or event, the system will automatically do it for you when you create the event.

What is an Event request?
An event request is any activity taking place during a semester that does not meet for the term. For course scheduling changes please contact the CAD Scheduling Officer at

Who will have access to EMS?
RIT Students, representatives of student clubs and organizations, as well as faculty and staff will continue to have access to booking event space.

How to I access RIT Event Management System?
Log into, events will be processed through the EMS. Once the request is received it will be processed and if space is confirmed a confirmation will be emailed to you.

What is the difference between external and internal events?

Please visit 

CAD Room Information
The Neblette Conference Room (GAN-1104) can be reserved for your meeting/event if available. Priority scheduling will be given the CAD Dean’s office for use of this conference space. No evening reservations after 5pm unless a faculty sponsor is present (ie no student organizations or clubs). Please be courteous and put the room back in order before you leave and discard any waste.

Finals week – all classrooms associated with classes will be off-line for event reservations during finals week. No activities can be scheduling during this time.

CAD Computer labs – external CAD departments requesting digital lab space will require approval from the CAD Tech Department before request can be approved and processed.

How can I canceling an Event Request that I submitted?
You can now cancel your own event requests from EMS. Just login and go to My Events in the left hand column. Once your event is located, open it up and select cancel in the upper box.

For more information on requesting a room for an event please go to 

Groups/ContactsThis is a list of group contact names that can be entered when creating a reservation.

EMS; updated 8-2017